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# What’s new in Minecraft Apk

Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox games by Mojang Studios. The game allows players to build structures, explore the virtual world, and fight mobs. The recent release of Minecraft Apk comes with some exciting features and bug fixes. Here is what’s new in the latest version of Minecraft Apk:

## Additions
– New gameplay feature: Lightning Rods
– Powder Snow can now be collected by using a bucket
– New experimental feature: Grounded Blocks
– Goats now drop Horns
– The “Hunt for the Hidden” community event is available now

## Technical changes
– Fixed the issue where the Sky Caves chest would be empty
– Performance improvements when playing on servers with a high number of players
– Fixed bugs that caused crashes, including the split-screen crash and several network bugs
– Compatibility improvements for low-end devices

## Changes to gameplay
– Reduced the knockback effect for attacks from Snow Golems
– The dripstone block will now drip water correctly
– Increased the size of glow lichen
– Axolotl mobs will now play dead when attacked instead of swimming away

## User interface changes
– Improved the text rendering on some devices
– New translations added for several languages
– Improved the visibility of the weather indicator

## Experimental features
The latest Minecraft Apk version introduces some experimental features that are still in development. Here are some of the ongoing experimental features in the latest Minecraft Apk version:

– Goats now have a new movement animation
– The Warden, a new hostile mob added to the Deep Dark biome
– Pointed Dripstone and Wax Blocks are introduced
– The Sculk Block is added

## How to upgrade to the latest version of Minecraft Apk

If you have already installed Minecraft Apk on your device, you can upgrade to the latest version by following these simple steps:

– Open Google Play Store
– Search for Minecraft
– Click on Update

If you haven’t installed Minecraft Apk yet, you can download it from the official Minecraft website or Google Play Store.

## Conclusion

Minecraft Apk comes with several exciting features and bug fixes. The latest version offers a more engaging experience for Minecraft players, improving gameplay, and enhancing their overall experience. The new experimental features add to the excitement and anticipation of what Mojang Studios has in store for future Minecraft updates. Upgrade now to enjoy all the new features and more!

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