x video player all format apk download 2020

# X Video Player All Format Apk Download 2020

Are you having trouble playing videos on your smartphone? Does your phone not support different formats of videos? X Video Player All Format Apk Download 2020 is here to solve your problems.

## What is X Video Player?

X Video Player is a free media player app for Android that can play all types of video files. It supports popular video formats like MP4, AVI, MKV, and more. With customizable subtitle settings, the player can also play movies with subtitles.

## Features of X Video Player

– Easy to use
– High-quality video playback
– Supports all types of video formats
– Plays HD and 4K videos
– Option to add subtitles
– Customize subtitle settings
– Supports playback speed control
– In-built equalizer
– Floating window playback
– Supports multiple languages

## How to Download X Video Player All Format Apk 2020

Follow these simple steps to download X Video Player All Format Apk 2020:

1. Visit the official website of X Video Player.
2. Click on the ‘Download’ button.
3. Allow your phone to download files from unknown sources.
4. Install the X Video Player Apk.
5. Open the X Video Player app on your phone.

## How to Use X Video Player

Using X Video Player is extremely easy. Here are some steps that you can follow to use X Video Player:

1. Open X Video Player on your phone.
2. Click on the ‘Open’ button and choose the video file you want to play.
3. The video will start playing immediately.
4. You can customize subtitles or change the playback speed from the bottom menu.
5. You can also create a playlist by clicking on the ‘Playlist’ button.

## Conclusion

X Video Player All Format Apk Download 2020 is a boon for movie lovers who want to watch movies of different formats on their smartphones. With its simple interface and customizable settings, this app is a must-have for movie buffs. So go ahead and download the app and enjoy watching your favorite movies in HD and 4K.

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