apps that pay $100 a day

# The Top Apps That Pay You $100 a Day

There are many legitimate apps out there that offer users the chance to make $100 a day without leaving their home. Here are some of the top apps to check out:

## Surveys and Paid Offers

These apps pay users for completing surveys and participating in paid offers:

– **Swagbucks**: Users can earn money by completing surveys, watching videos, and searching the internet.
– **InboxDollars**: This app offers paid surveys, paid emails, and cashback offers.
– **Vindale Research**: Users can earn up to $50 per survey. There are also other paid offers available.

## Cashback Apps

These apps give users money back for purchases they make:

– **Ebates**: This app offers up to 40% cashback on purchases made through the app.
– **Dosh**: Users can link their credit or debit card to the app and earn cashback on purchases from participating merchants.
– **Ibotta**: This app offers cashback on groceries, online shopping, and more.

## Delivery and Errand Apps

These apps pay users to make deliveries or complete errands:

– **DoorDash**: Users can earn money by delivering food from participating restaurants.
– **Gigwalk**: This app offers users the chance to complete small tasks for pay, such as taking photos or verifying information.
– **TaskRabbit**: Users can earn money by completing tasks for others, such as cleaning or yard work.

## Investing Apps

These apps pay users through investing and trading:

– **Robinhood**: Users can earn money through trading stocks and ETFs.
– **Acorns**: This app invests users’ spare change into stocks and bonds.
– **Stash**: This app helps users invest their money in different stocks and ETFs.

# Conclusion

With the right strategy and combination of apps, it is possible to earn $100 a day from the comfort of your home. From paid surveys to delivery services and investing, these apps offer a wide range of opportunities to earn money. However, it’s important to remember that earning money through these apps requires time and effort, and it’s not a quick fix to financial difficulties.

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