best unfollow app for instagram 2022

# The Best Unfollow App for Instagram 2022

Are you tired of inactive or unwanted followers cluttering your Instagram feed? If so, then it’s time to consider an unfollow app. With the following unfollow apps, you can easily rid yourself of unwanted followers without all the hassle. Here are some of the best unfollow apps for Instagram that you should consider in 2022.

## 1. Unfollow for Instagram

Unfollow for Instagram is a great app that offers a clean, intuitive interface and provides a host of useful features. Here are a few of the highlights:

* A well-designed user interface for easy navigation
* The app enables you to mass unfollow multiple accounts at once
* You can unfollow inactive accounts that have not been active for a specific time period

## 2. Cleanfox

Cleanfox is an excellent app that acts as an inbox cleaner for your Instagram account. Here are some of the key features of Cleanfox:

* Removes all spam, ghost, and inactive followers
* Deletes any past content from deleted accounts
* Removes accounts that have been inactive for more than 90 days

## 3. InstaFollow

InstaFollow is an unfollow app that provides a comprehensive suite of tools that help you manage your Instagram account. Here are some of the app’s key features:

* Detailed analytics to track follower engagement and activity
* Allows you to compare your follower and following counts
* Helps you unfollow followers that have not engaged with your account

## 4. Followers Chief

Followers Chief is a powerful app that provides a wealth of features that help you manage your Instagram account. Here are some of the key features of Followers Chief:

* A user-friendly interface for ease of use
* Offers a free trial period before subscribing to the app
* Ability to monitor and track your followers’ activities

## 5. Unfollowers for Instagram

Last but not least, Unfollowers for Instagram is an app that lets you easily unfollow accounts that you don’t wish to see on your feed. Here are some of its features:

* Identifies accounts that have unfollowed you
* Monitors your account’s progress and growth over time
* Offers options to block accounts, mute accounts and add new followers

## In conclusion

Instagram unfollow apps are useful tools to help you manage your followers and keep your feed clutter-free. With the above apps, you can easily unfollow inactive accounts, spammy followers, and accounts with unrelated content. Choose the one that best suits your needs and manage your Instagram account like a pro!

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