can you use a mcdonalds gift card on the app

# Can You Use a McDonald’s Gift Card on the App?
As a frequent McDonald’s customer, you may have received a gift card from a friend or family member. But can you use that gift card to pay for your food order through the McDonald’s app? Let’s take a closer look.

## McDonald’s Gift Cards
McDonald’s gift cards are a great way to share the love of fast food with friends and family. They are available in physical and digital formats and come in various denominations. You can use them to pay for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner purchases at any participating McDonald’s restaurant.

## McDonald’s App
The McDonald’s app is a convenient way to order your favorite meals, snacks, and beverages. It allows you to customize your order and pay for it seamlessly using your credit or debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or any saved payment information.

## Using a McDonald’s Gift Card on the App
The good news is that you can use a McDonald’s gift card to pay for your app order. Here’s how:

1. Open the McDonald’s app on your phone or tablet.
2. Start adding items to your order as usual.
3. When you’re ready to pay, tap the “View Cart” button at the bottom of the screen.
4. Select the “Payment” tab.
5. Scroll down and tap “Add Payment Method.”
6. Choose “McDonald’s Gift Card” from the list of options.
7. Enter the gift card number and PIN code on the back of the card.
8. Tap “Done” to save your gift card as a payment method.
9. Select the gift card as your payment method and click “Order.”

## Things to Keep in Mind
While using a McDonald’s gift card on the app is straightforward, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

– Make sure that your gift card has a sufficient balance to cover your order.
– You can use multiple gift cards to pay for your order.
– Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash or other gift cards.
– Gift cards cannot be reloaded online or through the app.

## Conclusion
If you have a McDonald’s gift card and want to order food through the app, you can easily use the gift card as a payment method. Just follow the steps outlined above and enjoy your meal without any hassle. Happy eating!

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