how to get money off cash app at walmart

# Getting Money Off Cash App at Walmart

Are you wondering how to get money off your Cash App and withdraw it at Walmart? Well, this article will explain the process step by step, from linking your Cash App to your Walmart account, to withdrawing your funds.

## Link Cash App to Walmart

1. Open your Cash App and click on the “banking” tab.
2. Choose the “add cash” option and enter the amount you want to add.
3. Tap the “add” button and select Walmart on the list of options.
4. Follow the prompts to verify your account and payment information.
5. Once your Cash App is linked to your Walmart account, you can start withdrawing your funds.

## Withdraw Funds at Walmart

1. Locate a Walmart store near you that has a Money Center.
2. Visit the Money Center and let the cashier know that you want to withdraw money from your Cash App account.
3. Provide your account information, including your linked phone number or card number.
4. Inform the cashier of the amount you want to withdraw and wait for them to process the transaction.
5. Once the transaction is complete, the cashier will give you your funds.

## Important Considerations

1. Make sure you have enough funds in your Cash App account before initiating the withdrawal at Walmart.
2. Some Walmart locations may charge a fee for Cash App withdrawals, so it’s important to confirm this with the cashier before proceeding.
3. Withdrawals may take some time to process, so be patient while waiting for your funds.
4. Remember to keep your Cash App and Walmart accounts secure to avoid unauthorized transactions.

By following these steps, you can easily get money off your Cash App account at Walmart. Withdrawing funds is simple, quick, and convenient, allowing you to access your money whenever you need it.

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