how to loop a video on iphone without an app

# How to Loop a Video on iPhone Without an App
Do you want to watch a video multiple times on your iPhone? Do you have a video that you would like to repeat without manually starting it over each time? Fortunately, looping a video on an iPhone is an easy process that can be done without using any external applications. Follow our simple steps to loop a video on your iPhone without the need for an app.

## Step 1: Open the “Photos” App
The first step in looping a video on your iPhone is to open the “Photos” app. This is where all your photos and videos are stored.

## Step 2: Select the Video
After opening the “Photos” app, navigate to the video that you want to loop. Tap on the video to select it.

## Step 3: Tap on the “Edit” Button
Once you have selected the video, tap on the “Edit” button that you will see in the top right corner of the screen.

## Step 4: Start the Loop
Move your finger along the timeline of the video to the point where you want to start the loop. Tap on the “Add” button that you will see in the middle of the toolbar. This will open a new menu.

## Step 5: Select the “Loop” Option
In the new menu, select the “Loop” option. This will add a new icon to the timeline indicating that the video will loop at this point.

## Step 6: Adjust the Loop Point
Drag the start of the loop point to where the video should resume after it loops. This allows you to customize the length of time that the video will repeat itself.

## Step 7: Save the Changes
Once you have adjusted the loop point to your desired position, tap on the “Done” button. This will save your changes and return you to the video playback screen.

## Step 8: Play the Loop
Now that the loop has been set up, simply tap on the “Play” button to start the video. It will repeat continuously until you hit the “Stop” button.

In conclusion, looping a video on your iPhone can be done without an app in just a few simple steps. It is a convenient way to watch your favorite videos over and over again. By following our simple guide, you will be able to loop your video without any hassle.

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