how to order a medicine ball on the starbucks app

# How to Order a Medicine Ball on the Starbucks App

Are you in need of a warm and soothing drink to boost your immune system? Look no further than the Medicine Ball, a popular drink at Starbucks known for its healing properties. Here’s how you can order it on the Starbucks App:

## Step 1: Open the App and Go to Your Order

* Open the Starbucks App on your phone or tablet
* Click on the “Order” button at the bottom of the screen
* Sign in to your account

## Step 2: Choose Your Drink

* Scroll through the menu and select “Teavana Tea”
* Choose “Customize” to build your own drink

## Step 3: Build Your Drink

* Choose “Royal English Breakfast Tea” as the base
* Add a second tea bag of “Jade Citrus Mint Tea”
* Choose “Add Honey”
* Choose “Add Lemonade”

## Step 4: Finish and Place Your Order

* Click “Save” to add your Medicine Ball to your favorites for future orders
* Click “Checkout” and choose your preferred payment method
* Pick up your drink at the nearest Starbucks location.

Enjoy your warm and healing Medicine Ball from Starbucks. Sit back and relax, knowing you’ve taken the first step towards a healthier and more productive day.

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