how to order medicine ball on starbucks app

# Ordering Medicine Ball on Starbucks App

Medicine Ball, also known as Honey Citrus Mint Tea, is a popular drink at Starbucks. It is believed to alleviate cold and flu symptoms, making it a go-to drink for many. If you are a Starbucks customer and want to order a Medicine Ball, read on to find out how to order it on the Starbucks app.

## Steps to Order Medicine Ball on Starbucks App

Here is how you can order a Medicine Ball on Starbucks app:

1. Open the Starbucks app and click on Menu.

2. Under the dropdown menu, click on Tea.

3. Scroll down to find “Honey Citrus Mint Tea.”

4. Choose the size you prefer. The Medicine Ball comes in two sizes: Grande (16 oz.) and Venti (24 oz.)

5. Next, click on “Customize.”

6. Here you can make any changes to the standard drink. For instance, you can add lemonade or extra honey if you want to.

7. Click on “Add to Order.”

8. Proceed to checkout.

9. Choose your payment method and click on “Place Order.”

10. Sit back and wait for your order to arrive.

## Additional Tips to Remember

Here are some additional tips you might find helpful when ordering Medicine Ball on Starbucks app:

– When you are customizing the Medicine Ball, you can ask for it to be made with steamed lemonade instead of water. This makes the drink slightly sweeter and more flavorful.

– If you have a cold or sore throat, ask for extra honey in your Medicine Ball. It will soothe your throat and make the drink taste even better.

– Don’t forget to use your Starbucks rewards to earn points on your purchase. Every time you order, you earn points that can be redeemed for free drinks or food items.

By following these simple steps, you can easily order a Medicine Ball on Starbucks app. Customize it to your liking and enjoy the delightful goodness!

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