how to record on spectrum tv app

# How to Record on Spectrum TV App

Are you tired of missing your favorite shows ? Spectrum TV App allows you to record your favorite content so that you can watch it anytime later. Let’s take a look at how you can record on the Spectrum TV App.

## Step-by-Step Guide

1. Launch the Spectrum TV App on your device.
2. Select the show you would like to record and ensure that it is currently playing.
3. On the bottom of your screen, you will notice a red button that has a round record symbol. Click on that button to start recording.
4. A pop-up confirmation window will appear with the option to select how many episodes you want to record. Choose the desired number of episodes and click ‘Record’.
5. Once youโ€™ve closed the pop-up window, you can then exit the app and the recording will continue in the background.

## Things to Remember

– Make sure your Spectrum TV app is updated to the latest version.
– While recording a show, try not to stream any other show or movie on the app. This can impact the quality of the recorded content.
– Keep an eye on your storage capacity if youโ€™re a frequent recorder, and regularly delete recorded content to save space.

In conclusion, Spectrum TV App provides an easy way to record your favorite shows and watch them later. Just make sure you follow the above guidelines and you’re good to go!

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