how to restart app on samsung tv

# How to Restart App on Samsung TV

Restarting an app on Samsung TV might sometimes be necessary when the app is unresponsive or slow. If you’re struggling to restart an app on your Samsung TV, this article will guide you through the process.

## Step-by-Step Guide

To restart an app on Samsung TV, follow these steps:

1. Press the home button on your TV remote.
2. Navigate to the app that you want to restart.
3. Press and hold the select button on your remote until the app starts to jiggle or shake.
4. A menu with a “stop” option will appear on the screen. Select “stop.”
5. Wait for a few seconds and select the app again to restart it.

## Alternative Method

If the above method fails, you can try rebooting the TV entirely. This process will usually free up any resources that the app is using and force the app to restart. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Press the power button on your remote to turn off the TV.
2. Wait for about 30 seconds and turn on the TV again using the power button.

## Final Thoughts

Restarting an app on Samsung TV is a simple process that can improve your TV’s performance and get rid of any glitches. By following the above steps, you will be able to restart any app on your Samsung TV with ease. If you’re still experiencing issues with the app after restarting, you might want to consider uninstalling and reinstalling it to resolve any persistent issues.

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