how to turn off ring doorbell without app

# How to Turn Off Ring Doorbell Without App

The Ring Doorbell is a modern and convenient home security device but at times, we may need to turn off the doorbell without using the mobile app. Here’s how you can turn off the Ring Doorbell without the app.

## Steps to Turn Off Ring Doorbell Without Using App

1. Locate the Ring Doorbell at your home.

2. Carefully remove the Ring Doorbell from its bracket. You can do so by sliding the device upwards, and then pulling it away from the bracket.

3. Disconnect the wire connections to turn off the Ring Doorbell. You can simply remove the wire connections from the device by using a flat head screwdriver to loosen the screws on the back of the device.

4. Place the Ring Doorbell away in a safe place.


1. Locate the power supply that provides power to the Ring Doorbell at your home. This could be a circuit breaker or a transformer.

2. Turn off the power supply to turn off the Ring Doorbell.

3. Leave the power supply off until you are ready to turn the Ring Doorbell back on.

## Precautions

– Make sure to turn off the power supply before removing the device from its bracket, and disconnecting the wires.

– Do not attempt to disconnect or remove the Ring Doorbell if you are unsure or inexperienced with electrical wiring.

– Always handle the Ring Doorbell carefully to avoid damaging any components.

## Conclusion

Turning off the Ring Doorbell without using the app is quite straightforward. Whether you prefer to disconnect the wires or turn off the power supply, it only takes a few simple steps to turn off the device. Always remember to handle the Ring Doorbell carefully, and take precautions before making any changes or modifications.

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