how to unblock people on cash app

# How to Unblock People on Cash App
If you have mistakenly blocked someone on Cash App or just want to give them a second chance, you can easily unblock them. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to unblock people on Cash App.

## Step 1: Launch the Cash App
* Open the Cash App on your mobile device.
* Make sure you are logged in to your account.

## Step 2: Access Your Account Settings
* Look for the profile picture icon located on the top left-hand corner of the screen.
* Click on the icon to open your account settings.

## Step 3: Go to Your Blocked List
* Scroll down on the Account Settings page until you find the “Blocked People” option.
* Click on “Blocked People.”

## Step 4: Unblock the Person
* You will now see a list of people you have blocked. Find the person you want to unblock.
* Click on the name of the person to open their profile page.
* Click on the “Unblock” button located on the bottom right-hand corner of their profile.
* You will see a pop-up screen that asks if you are sure you want to unblock this person. Click “Unblock” to confirm.

## Step 5: Confirm the Person is Unblocked
* Once you have unblocked the person, their name should disappear from the “Blocked People” list.
* Try sending them a payment or message to confirm that you have successfully unblocked them.

# Final Thoughts
Unblocking someone on Cash App is a straightforward process. If you accidentally block someone or just change your mind, you can always give them a second chance. Remember to double-check if you have successfully unblocked the person by sending them a payment or message.

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