# Covenant Eyes: A Comprehensive Review

## Introduction

Covenant Eyes is an internet accountability service that helps users to stay safe and secure while browsing the internet. It is one of the most comprehensive internet accountability services available on the market today. It comes with some powerful features that are designed to help users to avoid inappropriate content and practice safe browsing habits. With this service, users can have a greater degree of control over their internet usage, as well as their privacy and security.

## Features

### Screen Accountability

Covenant Eyes features screen accountability, which allows users to monitor their device activity. It tracks and reports all activity, including information about the sites visited and the amount of time spent on them. This information is then sent to a designated accountability partner, who can help the user identify problematic habits and work towards correcting them.

### Filtering

Covenant Eyes also offers a filtering service that blocks inappropriate content. This feature is customizable, allowing users to decide what types of content they want to block. It comes with different filter levels, so users can choose the level of protection that they need.

### Time Management

The service also allows users to set limits on their internet usage. This means that users can schedule the time when they want to be able to use the internet and set limits on how long they can use it each day. This is especially useful for parents who want to control their children’s internet usage.

### Reports

Users can access reports of their internet activity, which provides a detailed breakdown of their browsing habits. This information can be used to understand a user’s internet usage patterns and to identify any problematic habits that need to be addressed.

### Additional Features

Covenant Eyes also offers additional features, such as text accountability, which monitors and reports on text messages, and app blocking, which allows users to block certain apps. These features are optional and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the user.

## Pricing

Covenant Eyes offers a range of pricing plans for individuals, couples, and families. The plans vary in price depending on the number of devices that need to be covered and the feature set required. It offers a free trial for new users, allowing them to test out the service before committing to a plan.

## Conclusion

Covenant Eyes is an excellent internet accountability service that offers a range of powerful features to help users stay safe and secure while browsing the internet. It features screen accountability, filtering, time management, reports, and additional features such as text accountability and app blocking. It is reasonably priced and comes with a free trial. Overall, this is a valuable service that can help users to control their internet usage, avoid inappropriate content, and stay safe online.

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