what does force stopping an app do

# What Happens When You Force Stop an App on Android

When you are using an Android device, you may have come across a situation where an app starts misbehaving, or it just refuses to close. This can often be frustrating, especially if the app is taking up a lot of resources or affecting your phone’s overall performance. In such cases, you might consider forcing the app to stop.

Here, we will take a closer look at what happens when you force stop an app on your Android device.

## What is Force Stopping?

In Android, every app runs in its own virtual environment. Each app has its own set of tasks that it is performing at the same time. However, when an app becomes unresponsive, or it does not behave as expected, you can force it to stop. Force stopping an app tells Android to close the app’s process, which means that all the tasks that were being performed by the app at that time are ended.

## What Happens When You Force Stop an App?

When you force stop an app, you are essentially telling Android to close down the app and all its running tasks. Here are some things that happen when you force stop an app:

– All running tasks associated with the app are immediately stopped
– The app’s services are stopped
– Any notifications related to the app are cleared
– The app is removed from the list of active apps
– The app’s cache and other temporary files are cleared from your device’s memory

## When Should You Force Stop an App?

While force-stopping an app is one way to fix any issues that you might be facing with an app, it is not always necessary. Here are some situations where you might want to force stop an app:

– The app has become unresponsive, and it is not possible to close it through normal methods
– The app is using too many resources, and you need to free them up
– The app is causing your device to crash, or it is affecting the overall performance of your device.

## Conclusion

Force stopping an app on Android is a useful tool that can help you to fix issues that you might be facing with an app. When you force stop an app, you immediately end all running tasks and services associated with the app. This can free up resources on your device and help to improve its overall performance. While it is not always necessary to force stop an app, it can be a useful tool to have in your arsenal when you need it.

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