when are congressional app challenge winners announced

# When Are Congressional App Challenge Winners Announced?

Are you waiting eagerly to know when the Congressional App Challenge winners will be announced? This article is dedicated to discussing the timeline for announcing winners of the Congressional App Challenge.

## What is the Congressional App Challenge?

The Congressional App Challenge is an annual event that encourages high school students across the United States to develop their coding skills. Students in participating congressional districts develop their own original software applications or “apps.” The Congressional App Challenge is designed to foster innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship in students.

## Timeline for announcing winners

Announcement of the Congressional App Challenge winners happens in stages, and the timeline may vary from one year to another. However, here is the general timeline:

1. Submission deadline: The Congressional App Challenge submission deadline is usually in November, and the date varies each year, depending on the congressional district.

2. Judging period: After the submission deadline, the judging period begins. Experts in the technology industry and members of Congress examine each app and their coding.

3. Announcement of regional winners: Regional winners are notified in December. Each congressional district selects a winning app from the entries, and these winners are recognized on a local level.

4. National winners: Once the regional winners are selected, their apps are judged again and compared to all other regional winners before arriving at one winner from each category.

5. National winners announcement: The Congressional App Challenge announces the national winners the following year through a special event in Washington DC. The winner app gets to display at the Capitol Building as well as receive a student’s scholarship for the school of their choice. The actual date can vary each year, but the announcement typically happens in late winter/early spring.

## Conclusion

The Congressional App Challenge is an excellent opportunity for high school students to showcase their creativity and technical skills. The timeline for announcing the winners spans from November to late winter or early spring. So you will have to wait a bit longer before the winner’s announcement, but it would most certainly be worth the wait.

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