why does my tiktok app keep closing

# Why Does My TikTok App Keep Closing?

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps these days, where people create and share short videos using various filters and effects. However, some users may experience issues with the app frequently closing. Here are some possible reasons why:

## Insufficient Phone Space

One primary cause for the TikTok app closing is insufficient phone storage. When your phone’s storage runs low, the app starts to behave irregularly, including slow processing and sudden shutdowns.


– Free up some space by uninstalling unwanted apps, deleting unnecessary media files, and transferring essential data to an external device.

## Software Updates

Another reason behind app crashing could be due to pending software updates. Most phone companies roll out updates periodically to fix bugs and issues on your device. If you don’t update your phone, the apps you use, like Tiktok, could crash.


– Check your phone settings and ensure that software updates are enabled on your device. If available, install a new software update.

## Device Incompatibility

Sometimes, the app version available on the Play Store may not be compatible with your device. This incompatibility can cause the app to freeze, crash or shut down.


– Review the app’s requirements and compatibility with your device. If your device does not meet the minimum requirements, you may need to upgrade to continue using the app.

## App Cache

The app cache stores temporary data and files to give quick access to frequently accessed pages or content. However, the app cache can sometimes cause issues, including app crashes and slow performance, when they are not cleared regularly.


– Clear your TikTok app cache by going to your phone settings, select the TikTok app, and then clicking on “Clear Cache.” This action deletes temporary files and frees up space for the app to function optimally.

## Corrupted App Data

Issues arising from corrupted data can also cause the TikTok App to close. When your app files system or database is damaged, it can lead to the app malfunctioning.


– Uninstall the app completely, then reinstall the latest version from your device’s Play Store. This process ensures that you have a clean copy of the app on your device.

In conclusion, app crashes are common among TikTok app users. Knowing the potential reasons for the app closing, and applying the corresponding solutions, can help users resolve these frequent crashes and enjoy a seamless TikTok experience.

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