10 Best Apps for Home Organization and Decluttering Tips

# 10 Best Apps for Home Organization and Decluttering Tips

Are you tired of living in a cluttered and disorganized home? Do you struggle to find things when you need them? Thankfully, there are several apps available that can help you with home organization and decluttering. In this article, we will explore the top 10 apps that can assist you in organizing your home and provide you with valuable decluttering tips.

## 1. Tody

– Tody is an excellent app for managing and organizing your cleaning tasks.
– It allows you to create cleaning schedules and reminders, ensuring that you never miss a task.
– Tody also provides valuable tips and techniques for efficient cleaning and decluttering.

## 2. Sortly

– Sortly is an excellent app for inventory management and organizing your belongings.
– It allows you to create detailed inventories with photos, descriptions, and tags.
– Sortly also provides customizable labels and QR codes for easy tracking and locating of your items.

## 3. Evernote

– Evernote is a versatile app that can help you with various aspects of home organization.
– It allows you to create to-do lists, take notes, and store important documents.
– Evernote also offers collaboration features, making it ideal for sharing and coordinating tasks with family members.

## 4. Cozi

– Cozi is a popular app for managing and organizing family schedules.
– It allows you to create shared calendars, to-do lists, and shopping lists.
– Cozi also offers a journal feature to capture and save precious family memories.

## 5. OurHome

– OurHome is a fantastic app for organizing and assigning chores to family members.
– It allows you to create chore lists, set deadlines, and track completion.
– OurHome also provides rewards and points systems to motivate and engage family members in the cleaning and decluttering process.

## 6. MagicPlan

– MagicPlan is a unique app that helps you create accurate floor plans of your home.
– It allows you to measure and draw rooms, add furniture, and create virtual layouts.
– MagicPlan is a useful tool for visualizing and planning your home organization and decluttering projects.

## 7. BrightNest

– BrightNest is a comprehensive app that offers personalized home organization tips and tricks.
– It provides customized cleaning schedules, home maintenance reminders, and DIY project ideas.
– BrightNest also offers helpful articles and videos to guide you through the decluttering process.

## 8. FlyLady

– FlyLady is an app based on the popular FlyLady cleaning and organizing system.
– It provides daily cleaning routines, decluttering missions, and motivational emails.
– FlyLady is an excellent app for those who need a structured and systematic approach to home organization.

## 9. HomeRoutines

– HomeRoutines is a user-friendly app that helps you establish and maintain daily cleaning routines.
– It provides customizable checklists, timers, and reminders.
– HomeRoutines also offers a “Focus Zones” feature to help you tackle specific areas of your home.

## 10. Unclutter

– Unclutter is a minimalist app that helps you declutter your digital life.
– It allows you to store and organize files, notes, and clipboard contents.
– Unclutter also provides a quick access panel for easy retrieval of frequently used items.

In conclusion, these 10 apps can greatly assist you in organizing your home and decluttering effectively. Whether you need help with cleaning schedules, inventory management, or digital decluttering, there is an app that suits your needs. Download these apps today and start transforming your home into a well-organized and clutter-free haven.

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