10 Best Apps for Home Renovation and Design Inspiration

# 10 Best Apps for Home Renovation and Design Inspiration

Are you planning to renovate your home or looking for design inspiration? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the 10 best apps that will help you with your home renovation and design projects. From finding inspiration to visualizing the final result, these apps have got you covered.

## 1. Houzz
– Houzz is a one-stop-shop for all your home renovation and design needs.
– Browse millions of high-quality photos of interiors and exteriors for inspiration.
– Connect with professionals and get advice on your projects.
– Shop for furniture, decor, and other home improvement products.

## 2. Pinterest
– Pinterest is a popular platform for discovering and saving ideas for home renovation and design.
– Create boards and save images that inspire you.
– Find DIY projects, tips, and tricks.
– Follow other users and get inspiration from their boards.

## 3. Home Design 3D
– Home Design 3D allows you to create, design, and remodel your home in 3D.
– Visualize your ideas and see how they will look before starting the renovation.
– Choose from a wide range of furniture and decor items.
– Share your designs with others and get feedback.

## 4. Magicplan
– Magicplan enables you to create floor plans and measurements using your smartphone or tablet.
– Scan your space and generate accurate floor plans.
– Add furniture and fixtures to see how they fit in the room.
– Export your plans in various formats for easy sharing.

## 5. Roomle
– Roomle is a virtual reality app that lets you plan and furnish your space in 3D.
– Design your rooms by adding walls, windows, and doors.
– Choose from a vast collection of furniture and decor items.
– Visualize your space in 3D and walk through it using VR.

## 6. ColorSnap
– ColorSnap by Sherwin-Williams helps you find the perfect paint colors for your home.
– Take a photo of any color and the app will match it to the closest Sherwin-Williams paint color.
– Explore different color palettes and save your favorite combinations.
– Purchase paint directly from the app.

## 7. Wayfair
– Wayfair is an online furniture and home decor store with a mobile app.
– Browse a vast catalog of furniture, lighting, decor, and more.
– Visualize how different pieces will look in your space using augmented reality.
– Read customer reviews and get expert advice on your home projects.

## 8. Design Home
– Design Home is a game app that allows you to design and decorate virtual homes.
– Choose from a wide range of furniture, decor, and materials.
– Participate in design challenges and get feedback from other players.
– Get inspired by seeing how others design their spaces.

## 9. Planner 5D
– Planner 5D lets you create detailed 2D and 3D floor plans for your home.
– Design and furnish every room, including kitchens and bathrooms.
– Choose from a vast library of furniture, textures, and materials.
– Share your designs with others and collaborate on projects.

## 10. Homestyler
– Homestyler is an app that allows you to visualize your home design ideas in 3D.
– Take a photo of your space and decorate it with virtual furniture and decor items.
– Browse a curated collection of design ideas and styles.
– Get professional advice and tips on your projects.

These 10 apps are just what you need to kickstart your home renovation and design journey. Whether you are looking for inspiration, want to plan your space, or need help choosing colors and furniture, these apps have you covered. Download them today and turn your home design dreams into reality!

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